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I wouldn't neither.

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Yes, even Pokemon has a cameo at Camelot/

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Which Pokemon are you? (If you don't know it, just describe the Pokemon XD)

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Somebody doesn't seem to have manners. I bet it's the cute one up there.

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I WISH, don't you? (I don't think the ladies will find this appealing)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pokemon Black

It has been a while since I've posted something that wasn't a Pokepun or any other PokeJoke. Some of you big Pokemon fans might know that Pokemon Black and White were both released over a week ago. I was certainly excited to get a copy of the game (well sort of) and so far, I already have beaten 3 Gym Leaders. My thoughts and impression of the new 5th generation Pokemon I've encountered so far are mixed. Some Pokemon look pretty cool, but many of them seem to be recycled from previous generations, except now they look worse... I mean 150+ new pokemon is great, but if many look bad, you might as well say that Pokemon added merely 25-50 Pokemon in Generation 5.

For those who play, you encounter the first Gym at the 3rd city you arrive it, Sanyou City. There are actually 3 leaders, but you only fight one. The leader you go against will use one of the 3 elemental monkeys that has the type advantage over the starter, which really blows because it is like trying to make a team to go against Brock back in Yellow Version.

I mean seriously, using Physical Attacks against Rock Pokemon is such a cheap move by the game makers. Luckily for us in Pokemon Black/White, a girl east of Sanyou City located at the Site of Dreams will gift you one of the elemental monkeys, specifically the type that will counter the Gym Leader's.
This is Yannapu, the Grass-Type Monkey

Baoppu, the Fire-Type Monkey

Hiyappu, the Water-Type Monkey

After getting one of these, you should be ready to take on the Gym Leader (I do recommend training your monkey a little bit). The leaders, whomever you get, should not to be too hard to defeat as long as you aren't too underleveled.

All three Gym leaders will have a lvl 12 Yorterrie, which is not too hard to defeat, then depending on the leader, you will face a lvl 14 elemental monkey. Defeat the leader, and you will be rewarded the Trio Badge and TM 83.

The badge looks pretty sleek (don't mind the picture, it's just heavily pixelated), so I suppose there is some visual appeal to Pokemon Black. TM 83 teaches Cheer Up, which buffs both Attack and Special Attack by one level, so great for mixed sweepers and such. And of course, we can't forget that the badge grants you the ability to use HM 01, Cut, outside of battle.